Chantal De la Fontaine

In 1988 we bought our first ADRK Leistungszucht bitch "Mona vom Eisplatz", in 1989 "Olga vom Eisplatz" and in 1990 "Peggi vom Eisplatz". With all these dogs we did social obedience, tracking and Schutz.

We started to breed in 1989 under the kennel name "Du Dauchant" Da: Damien (our son), Au: Aure (our daughter) Chant: Chantal .

Our first aim was to breed a family dog with very good character, willing to work and of course according to the breeding standard. We always took males from very good German bloodlines.

We got the owners of our puppies involved in showing and working with their dogs. We therefore created a K9club at home.
In order to offer a good service I followed the training courses at the St Hubertus to become an obedience and tracking instructor.
I passed the exams as an obedience instructor and also as an IPO instructor. We organised some obedience competition, IPO and even a Club Show.
I also followed the Ethology course at University of Namur and after being several times assistant to International Judges; I passed my theoretical exam in June 2001, in 2003 my practical exam and after having jugged the Brussels Dog Show, I was qualified as International judge in 2005.

In 2005, I had the honour to judge:

  • APRO Exposiçao Sao Paolo 02/04/2005
  • The National Chanmpionship in the Netherlands 07/05/2005
  • The National Championship in France 04/09/2005
  • The Special Rottweiler Show in Penela, Portugal 13/11/2005
  • In 2006,

  • Belgian Club Show 28/05/2006
  • International exhibition in Tarbes, France 25/05/2006
  • Special Rottweiler Show Sidney, Australia 30/09/2006
  • USRC Regional Sieger Show NY, USA 28/10/2006
  • Jerez de la Frontera, Spain 18/11/2206
  • Toscana, Italie 10/12/2006
  • In 2007

  • CACIB Toulouse, France 25/02/2007
  • Irish Championship 12/05/2007
  • Campionato Sociale Bologna 06/10/2007
  • In 2008

  • East Carolina Rottweiler Show, USA 22/03/2008
  • National Championship in the Netherlands 01/06/2008
  • Belgium Rottweiler club CAC show 24/05/2008
  • Eastern Pennyslvania Rottweiler Klub 11& 12/10.2008
  • In 2009

  • Vimercate, Italia 19/04/2009
  • IFR / Diest, BELGIUM 23/05/2009
  • Régionale France 25/06/2009
  • CACIB Malinnes, Belgium 22/08/2009
  • Madrid, Espagna 5 & 6/09/2009
  • In 2010

  • Jakarta, Indonesia 17/01/2010
  • Missilac, France 04/04/2010

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